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Welcome to Co-Lab!

Imagine transcribing handwritten letters like the one that Louis Riel wrote the day before his death to his wife and children, asking her “to make them pray for me,” or tagging the names of soldiers in photographs from the First World War. You can help to unveil a great part of our history by using Co-Lab.

Transcribe, tag, translate and describe digitized records from our collection. The more work we collaborate on using the Co-Lab crowdsourcing tool, the more accessible and usable our digital collection will become for everyone using the Library and Archives Canada(LAC) website.

Start by taking our short tutorial to learn how to contribute to the “challenges” that we have put together, or dive right in and learn as you go; you can always refer back to the guidelines for assistance. You can now also contribute to any of LAC’s digitized images when you do research using our new Collection SearchBETA.

By registering for a user account, you can keep track of the records to which you have contributed.

Contribute as much or as little as you like.Tag it, type it, share it!