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New France and First Nations relations

This challenge comprises three sets of documents related to different First Nations and their interactions with settlers and other First Nations during the 18th century.

  • Transcribe a 1715 letter from the Abenaki to the King of France seeking his support as British settlers try to take their land.
  • Step into 1747, and learn about conflicts between various First Nations, including the Iroquois, Onontagués, Onneiouts, Goyogouins and Cachekarorins, and French and British settlers.
  • Read the 1703 complaint of the Miamis to the Governor General of New France about hostile actions and attacks by the Sioux.

Gain insight into how these groups of people interacted with each other and how politics unfolded in the 1700s during colonization.

Now available for transcription, translation, tagging and description.