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There are two different types of tagging in Co-Lab: keyword tagging and tagging on the image.

You can tag a person, place or object in an image by clicking the button labelled “Tag a person or an object on the image.”

You can add a keyword tag by typing in the “Keywords” box and clicking “Add.”

Tags can be thematic, using a tag to group the image into a category of similar images. Example: “FWW” (for First World War) would be a thematic tag.
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Add a short, informative title that describes what the item is.

Add any additional information about the item that is useful, noteworthy or interesting to know. This information could relate to the quality or characteristics of the text or image, such as poor or uneven image quality, an image that bleeds through from the reverse side, etc. The text box will expand as needed.

This refers to the location depicted in the image. Enter the full name of the city, province/territory or state, and country in the relevant fields, if you are certain of their accuracy. Do not use abbreviations.

Include a date only if you are certain of its accuracy.

Date (ca.):
When entering an approximate date, use the abbreviation for circa (ca.).
Example: ca. 1925

Page number:
Enter the page number using numerals.
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